Post HCG Diet Care

Most patients are not only able to successfully lose weight on the HCG diet, but also permanently keep the weight off. Dr. Robert Grafton in Wixom Michigan can help patients maintain their weight loss after finishing the HCG diet with a post-diet plan that can include a healthy eating guide, choices for exercise and physical activity, and continued support throughout.

Consuming a Healthy Amount of Calories

The HCG diet usually allows patients to eat around 500 calories per day as the remaining calories needed for daily bodily functions are taken from fat stored in the body and metabolized into the needed energy. For this reason, after finishing the diet, a person should resume eating a healthy amount of calories for their specific body’s needs, which can be identified by an HCG diet specialist.

Eating Regular Meals

Not taking in enough calories can slow the metabolism and reverse the results of a successful HCG diet plan. After completing the HCG Diet, the patient should not continue to eat a low-calorie diet as it can damage the body’s metabolism and cause the weight to be regained. When a person does not take in enough daily nutrition to supply the body with the necessary energy and nutrients, the body can go into starvation mode, causing it to store everything taken in as fat. For this reason, the patient should resume eating regular meals after completing an HCG diet plan.

Making Healthy Food Choices

While on the HCG diet, only certain foods should be eaten, and throughout the course of the HCG diet, a person’s body will become accustomed to fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. It takes around 30 days for the body to form a new habit, and the habit of eating healthier foods at regular meals will improve overall metabolic function. After completing an HCG diet plan, if a person continues to eat unhealthy foods, the body will most likely regain the weight lost.

Developing an Exercise Plan

While on the HCG diet, exercise is not advisable as it can interfere with the effectiveness of the HCG hormone on the body’s metabolism, which can prevent optimal weight loss results. After finishing the HCG diet, exercise is necessary for maintaining the new body weight and preventing future weight gain. Regular physical activity can benefit heart health, strengthen muscles and bones, burn calories, relieve stress, and lubricate the joints. Some people think of exercise as a strenuous and unpleasant form of activity that is like a chore. However, exercise is not limited to one form, and it can include stair climbing, swimming, dancing, gardening, biking, walking, weight training, yoga, kickboxing, tai ji, or qi gong. Exercise has endless benefits and it contributes to overall health and weight loss maintenance.

Continuing to make healthy food choices, eating a healthy amount of daily calories, and staying active can help men and women to maintain the results of their weight loss. The HCG diet can help people to lose significant amounts of weight, restore their sense of confidence, and experience renewed vitality. Dr. Robert Grafton in Wixom Michigan will guide each patient through their Post HCG Diet Care so they can successfully maintain their healthy weight.

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